I help people heal their knees naturally... 

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Simran uses her wealth of knowledge from her background in Physio, Ergonomics, Pilates and Mindfulness to help others transform their mind and body. 

​The body has all the ability to heal itself naturally... you just need to create the right conditions for that healing to happen. 

​Once you implement some key principles of how your body works, it creates the right conditions so you can move without any pain or restriction and allows the body to complete it's healing process.

"If you follow everything I tell you, then you will become 100% painfree or I'll keep helping you until you do..." - Simran Choudhary 

Are you curious how you can heal your knee in a natural way?

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Simran Choudhary

Simran, based in Perth, Australia is passionate about helping others create transformative changes in their body especially knee pain. Simran uses her extensive experience from 18 years of Physiotherapy, Ergonomics (study of body biomechanics), Clinical Pilates and Mindfulness.

It is this unique combination of experience together with her own body pain issues that led her to discover some secret principles of the body. Simran has had the opportunity to test and refine these principles over the last 10 years into a proven system which gives very predictable results for her clients. 

Simran now shares her knowledge and assists others via workshops and online coaching programs.

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Does this sound like you?

  • Your knee gets worse the more you are on your feet...
  • Your pain and function is not much better even though you've done Physio, exercises, cortisone injections even arthroscopies...
  • ​​You feel surgery is not the right treatment option...
  • And you get frustrated because you have to slow everything down just to manage the pain...

Check out these case studies...

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Case study #1

72 year old lady with bone on bone severe arthritis reversed her scan results!

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Case Study #2

62 year old gave away her walking stick after being forced to use it for 3 years...

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Case Study #3

58 year old gentleman started running again after having 10 years of knee pain...

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How to heal your knee naturally... as fast as 6 weeks (even if you think it's impossible!)